MatericLook: CruxoMorph 00 looping animation

Another small looping animation as a GIF.

This time I like the fluid motion, liquid effect and the fake tridimensionality… in fact there’s no real 3d movement!

The geometric structure has been create with two overlapping metaspheres arrays, one with positive weights, the other negatives. The negative array is then animated thanks to a deformer, attracting and repulsing towards the center. The animation is based on a cosine function.

The material color is defined by the following simple ramp:

MatericLook: CruxoMorph 00 gradient

That’s mapped to the surface normal, as always.

If you want more info you can ask on the comments, I’ll be happy to explain more…

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Micro Looping Animation: CruxoMorph 00


MatericLook:  a Weird MetaLines_00 version - looping animation

That’s the weird version of MetaLines_00!!! #EmbraceTheWeird

…also the colors are animated along the normal angles, always in a cyclic manner….. Weird trippy style!

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A Weird MetaLines_00


MatericLook: MetaLines_00 looping animation

A looping micro animation, something looking a bit alien, but organic…

This time I used two sets of metaballs, animating rotation and scale on the geometries they follow.

Also the shader is animated, with one of the colors oscillating along the ramp that defines the circles thickness. It’s a ramp linked to the geometry normal and the viewing angle, so surfaces perpendicular to the viewing plane are opaque and white, while those “more parallel” are transparent/blaack.

Animation are all controlled sine and cosine trigonometric functions to keep everything perfectly looping and harmonic.

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Looping animation: MetaLines_00