MatericLook: MadonnaDellaNeve 00 by Francesco Perratone, Italian Alps Photography and art MatericLook: Ruby Sunset 00 by Francesco Perratone, Canada Photography and art


Ruby Lake, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

Hello! As some of my followers asked, here there are some sunset lights!

The place is Ruby lake, in the so-called Sunshine Coast, British Columbia (a few hours and a ferry from Vancouver). The area is beautiful, lot of lakes, forests and sea, great for hiking and camping, with all the Canadian fauna “benefits”…  turkey vultures, eagles, ospreys, bears, cougars and so on…

I was fortunate enough to stay there for a “long weekend”, while visiting my brother now living in Vancouver. We had a great time camping, exploring and barbecuing. And we got great weather…

I’ll choose and work on some more pictures of our trip, sea and ferry, forests and hikes and beautiful lakes… we also visited part of BC’s backcountry, up to historical Barkerville, some very nice views there too! Let me know what you’d like to see first!


Digital Art, Photography

Ruby Sunset 00 – Canada Photography and Art