I created a Patreon profile with some great rewards, you can check it out here!

There are digital and physical artwork rewards, plus the possibility to participate in the decision-making processes regarding the next works… there’s also a commission work level!

Some rewards also offer the possibility to communicate directly with me, requesting specific styles or works.

So, if you like my works and you would like to see more of them, please become a patron and/or share my Patreon page!

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3D Graphics, Digital Art, Photography, Physical Computing, urbex

MatericLook Patreon Page!


I’ve been absent for a while because I’m currently working on a very interesting project: humanitarian demining. I’m developing a pod of sensors to detect landmines with the Bibak team, after demining the pod could be reused to help development of local communities.

We’re currently also participating in a competition where the public vote is important, it will bring us visibility and some money for development, voting will be open until 23 November 2014. If you like the project vote for us and share, I will post some more info on the project in the next weeks…


Demining, Landmines, Physical Computing

Humanitarian Demining