A shapeless metal creature that saw us. It’s experimenting, changing, taking on a form, something more similar to us. This serves a sole purpose: it’s trying to communicate… but for now the message it’s still far, far away…

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Initially I created the 3d figure only. I was thinking about shapes and sculpting, a form similar to what you see… So I illustrated it through digital sculpting. There’s a contrast between planes and curves, smooth joints and angles. I tried to give some harmony to the object, but I didn’t followed a true “rhythm”. During the process I “anthropomorphized” it a bit though, widening the top part and giving it the “Eye” (or “Mouth”).

I liked the work, so I decided to go on and show it. A worn metal look seemed to me the most appropriate, a nice contrast to the shape. In a way a kind of unexpected material.
I worked on it for a bit, because I had a pretty precise idea in mind about that… so I elaborated some pictures to reach the results I was willing to show, in terms of scratches and color. I used them to setup the shader, a technical term for the elements controlling the final “material” displayed by the rendered object.
That’s also the material I would like to use if I’ll ever have the possibility to realize the work in the physical space -that is, by casting it! I was thinking of having it 50cm (20″) tall or more (ideally a 75cm-25″ “home version” and a 2,5m-8′ “outdoor version”).

Finally I rendered an animation with realistic lighting and setup to show the shape and, more important, from a certain point of view, to present the viewer with a pleasant and interesting transformation of shapes, reflections and shadows.

3D Graphics, animation, Digital Art

Digital Sculpture – Mimic 00


MatericLook: Aberrantia 00 WQHD wallpaper art 3d graphics by Francesco Perratone

A new work, an half-organic city born from a demented mind: Aberrantia… residential living bulbs are surrounded by degenerate broken geometries and metallic structures….

Also available for free digital use in the download area as multi resolution wallpaper!

3D Graphics, Digital Art

3D graphics – a city born from madness: Aberrantia -00


 Here’s the final version of my last 3D art animation, “Unstable Symmetry”

It’s an interesting mix of polygonal and generative art, a constantly transforming symmetrical shape.

I wanted the motion to be fluid but somewhat crystalline. I recorded some metallic sound and manipulated it to underscore that aspect…

I like the results, especially when listening through earphones.

A bit of compositing made the highlights glowing, it also enhanced their motion and shape.


It’s also the first animation with patrons credits… (my Patreon)

3D Graphics, animation, Digital Art

3D art animation: Unstable Symmetry


MatericLook: CruxoMorph 00 looping animation

Another small looping animation as a GIF.

This time I like the fluid motion, liquid effect and the fake tridimensionality… in fact there’s no real 3d movement!

The geometric structure has been create with two overlapping metaspheres arrays, one with positive weights, the other negatives. The negative array is then animated thanks to a deformer, attracting and repulsing towards the center. The animation is based on a cosine function.

The material color is defined by the following simple ramp:

MatericLook: CruxoMorph 00 gradient

That’s mapped to the surface normal, as always.

If you want more info you can ask on the comments, I’ll be happy to explain more…

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Micro Looping Animation: CruxoMorph 00

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MatericLook:  a Weird MetaLines_00 version - looping animation

That’s the weird version of MetaLines_00!!! #EmbraceTheWeird

…also the colors are animated along the normal angles, always in a cyclic manner….. Weird trippy style!

3D Graphics, animation, Digital Art

A Weird MetaLines_00


MatericLook: MetaLines_00 looping animation

A looping micro animation, something looking a bit alien, but organic…

This time I used two sets of metaballs, animating rotation and scale on the geometries they follow.

Also the shader is animated, with one of the colors oscillating along the ramp that defines the circles thickness. It’s a ramp linked to the geometry normal and the viewing angle, so surfaces perpendicular to the viewing plane are opaque and white, while those “more parallel” are transparent/blaack.

Animation are all controlled sine and cosine trigonometric functions to keep everything perfectly looping and harmonic.

If you want more details let me know in the comments, and if you like my works you can help me create more through my Patreon page!

3D Graphics, animation, Digital Art

Looping animation: MetaLines_00