Matericlook TheKitchen Urbex Art Photography Digital Painting

A new Urbex Art work!

I started from the elaborated set you can find here, then I proceeded by making it a digital painting, destroying all the detail I deemed unnecessary:

Matericlook Urbex Art: TheKitchen (Almost Done)

-Digital painting it’s controversial, mainly because of some cheap works done with automatic processes. Automatized painting is plain horrible, uniform and lifeless, seems more a filter than a true elaboration.

I do the whole process by hand on a graphic tablet, in this way it’s possible to control pressure, width, inclination, rotation, practically all the aspects of a real brush or tool. There’s also a bit more freedom in certain areas: it’s possible to have an infinte number of “tools” and configure each one.

The process is made faster by the possibility of having, with certain brushes, the starting color areas the same as the starting image, or to use that image as a quick reference.

That makes it easier to concentrate on brushstrokes shapes and direction and/or color control, giving a pretty wide range of possible looks to the final work. It’s also common to add (or remove) objects or details here and there, to recall the attention of the viewer to the “right” spots. –

As a next step I added back some textures and contrast in the highlighted areas, were the colors are stronger and the patterns beautiful.

I also removed a lot of light from the left door to give  amore “dramatic” light to the whole…

The digital painting process has been longer than expected because I wanted to reach some strong details impressions with few brushstrokes (digital), like the white speckle on the left-low quadrant and the window….

I really like the final look of that window, here’s a zoom-in (at half resolution, more or less):

Matericlook TheKitchen Window Detail Urbex Art Photography Digital Painting

I hope you liked it too!


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Digital Art, Photography, urbex

Urbex Art: TheKitchen

Digital Art, Photography, urbex

MatericLook: Old Heater, A short story & Remains00



Old Heater:

“The only entry could be through a broken and very small horizontal window panel… the lowest one has some dangerous shards that it’s better to remove before crawling inside. It’s also good practice to take a look inside before just falling in…. and that’s a good idea, the floor is near and it’s a lot better to push myself in facing upwards, to not get stuck or hit with my legs the other glass panels.

There’s barely the space to push my torso in…. …holding my breath!…

In a few seconds I pass through, the room is huge, should have been a workshop or something similar. near the other end the darkness is almost complete, let’s go check it out…

The floor is almost empty, almost nothing has been left behind when the building was abandoned, only dust, dirt and the occasional rubble pile. The dark zone hides the remains of a demolished brick wall, behind that an innatural blackness surrounds everything, the light from my torch doesn’t penetrate… what?

Approaching the darkness I understand what’s going on: the whole area is covered in a thick layer of black dust, coal, probably… There are a pair of giant holes in the walls, it seems were furnaces. However the floor isn’t really visible, there are broken bricks covered by the black powder and I can clearly see at least a large hole that could be dangerous. In any case it doesn’t seem an area particularly interesting, I think it was carefully emptied years ago.

I go back near the entry point and explore the area there. There’s a wooden panel separating this from another section, it’s possible to push a kind of door, some nailed boards mounted on hinges, and pass through.

The other side is more “lively”, also abandoned, but probably less years have passed since someone was there. Other panels divide smaller sections, workbenches here and there, nothing else left behind except for a zone near a corner.

An old heater’s there, probably left after the plant was closed, and some kind of filter and regulator for an air compressor or some other type of gas tank.
Looking around is possible to see various other tubes and filters, near the abandoned sideboards lay some old hand tools.

Maybe the heater has been used by the person that lived in this space not so many years ago. It’s not electric, so he/she could have used it to protect himself from the freezing winters, common in this region. Under one of the workbenches thare’s a large shelf for tools, large enough to sleep on it… there are some shredded clothes stuffed inside… a sort of nest.”


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MatericLook: CollapsedCorridors0 by Francesco Perratone


#urbex #abandoned #italy #art #photography #hdr #ruins #snow

“The structure is crumbling and the snow isn’t making the situation any better… actually it’s the worst possible time to have a look inside, but I can’t help… let’s just be cautious and double check floors and ceilings…”

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TheWorkshop0, MatericLook, Materic, Francesco Perratone


“The place is huge and the original workshop is composed of various buildings, is still possible to recognize which processes took place on some of them, thanks to some elements built into the architecture.

The machinery was probably sold something like 20-25 years ago, while the building was abandoned more recently, probably 5 years later. The structures are in a decent state and is very easy to imagine all the people working here still moving around, between workbenches and safety signs…..”

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MatericLook: The Kitchen 00 by Francesco Perratone, Art, Urbex, Photography WIP

After some work here and there and looking through all the exposures I isolated a number of interesting parts, then I brought out all of those areas from the most interesting picture.

I mostly concentrate in lights, patterns and reflections…. some are pretty obvious, like the splatters on the left wall tiles, other a bit less expected and beautiful, like the light cut from the window. The two patterns from shadows and dirt on ceiling and floor are nice, also created by the right window’s light.

I will accentuate those during the painting process, with brush strokes direction and shape.

The position of furniture and tables is also casting some shadows, improving the overall shape of the highlights on the floor, that’s good for isolating different colors and creating contrast…

Next step: the painting process…


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Digital Art, Photography, urbex

The Kitchen 00 – Work in Progress



MatericLook: Abandoned Doll 00 by Francesco Perratone

In the woods, near an abandoned orphanage, this old doll lies… left behind in the grass, staring at trespassers.

Digital Art, urbex

Abandoned Doll 00


MatericLook: ToFridgeAlone by francesco Perratone


“The workers left it here when the places closed, it quenched their thirst,

while the football player’s stickers reminded them of playful moments”


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Digital Art, Photography, urbex