MatericLook: The Kitchen 00 by Francesco Perratone, Art, Urbex, Photography WIP

After some work here and there and looking through all the exposures I isolated a number of interesting parts, then I brought out all of those areas from the most interesting picture.

I mostly concentrate in lights, patterns and reflections…. some are pretty obvious, like the splatters on the left wall tiles, other a bit less expected and beautiful, like the light cut from the window. The two patterns from shadows and dirt on ceiling and floor are nice, also created by the right window’s light.

I will accentuate those during the painting process, with brush strokes direction and shape.

The position of furniture and tables is also casting some shadows, improving the overall shape of the highlights on the floor, that’s good for isolating different colors and creating contrast…

Next step: the painting process…


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Digital Art, Photography, urbex

The Kitchen 00 – Work in Progress


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