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Tutorial – Photography Basics, Every technical thing you need to know: INTRO


Hi, this is a quick tutorial explaining the FEW things you need to know to take good pictures consistently. Not saying that you can’t get a nice shot when catching the phone while it’s falling…. it’s just that you cannot be sure you’ll get a nice photo each time :-)

I’ll keep the technical explanations to a minimum or I’ll oversimplify, to have you on track as quick as possible. So you can  go experimenting by yourself (that’s always the most important thing).

All the things I know are self-taught or I’ve learned when shooting (I used to have a video production studio years ago). Probably some things will not be perfectly accurate, I will go in depth with a more rigorous method and specific subjects in the future, maybe.


Even the most complex reflex camera has just a few controls you have to know before using it. Those are the basics for all Photography. Knowing those makes you also understand the basic working parameters of video cameras.


So here’s the two main parameters you need to control (or at least know about):

Aperture (F, F-stops, Diaphragm,….)

Exposure time (Shutter speed)


These are other very important things you should be able to change, if needed, and know about:

-ISO Sensitivity (ISO, film sensitivity,….)

-White Balance (Color balance, neutral balance,…)

-Focal Length


So you see, there’s not much… these are the parameters you have to experiment with in your camera. They’re usually available in non-reflex cameras also, while smartphones are more limited. Of course you have to put everything in manual mode.

I use manual mode almost always, switching to semi-auto (aperture- or shutter-piority) only if I don’t have the time to set everything by hand. That’s usually because something is moving or if, for some other reason, there’s little time to shoot.

I’ll publish the above parts during the next few days and link them above!

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