Here’s the final version of my last 3D art animation, “Unstable Symmetry”

It’s an interesting mix of polygonal and generative art, a constantly transforming symmetrical shape.

I wanted the motion to be fluid but somewhat crystalline. I recorded some metallic sound and manipulated it to underscore that aspect…

I like the results, especially when listening through earphones.

A bit of compositing made the highlights glowing, it also enhanced their motion and shape.


It’s also the first animation with patrons credits… (my Patreon)

3D Graphics, animation, Digital Art

3D art animation: Unstable Symmetry

3D Graphics, Digital Art

Humans published on Sedition Art – limited edition of 50


The work “Humans” has been published on Sedition Art, now you can see the final animation, edition is limited to 50: 

The work is composed by a representation of the de-evolving System “offered” to the viewers and an organic mutant geometry: the citizens/people, collaborating, fighting and organizing themselves in an hypnotic ballet.The discrete time unit is based on decades and centuries, forming a time-lapse harvesting its data from a range lasting thousands of years.
Music by Leonardo Ceralli (Facebook page)


MatericLook: "Humans" Artwork preview #0 by Francesco Perratone

A pair of still frames from an animation I’m working on, the artwork title will be “Humans”…. it’ll be about evolution and the world (system?) during the last two centuries.

Here’s a link to the final post & work.

3D Graphics, Digital Art

Work in Progess – Humans