MatericLook: NoID0_SatanicPOP by Francesco Perratone

A work a bit different from the others: “Autoritratto Satanico” by Sandrun (more info about him here) re-elaborated multiple times and assembled.

The meeting point and above all a contrast point… most of the times Sandrun created just because he felt it, occasionally he destroyed his work before some of his friends could “save” it. That’s the sharpest divergence from Warhol’s concepts of repetition and massification, so the ID in the title stands for identity.

The divergences between the two artists continue in their lives, personalities and artwork, on many levels and from different point of views, in fact it would be interesting to develop an entire serie of works just about this subject while studying them. It’s not easy to find english information about Sandrun’s life, if you’re interested let me know in the comments and I’ll post something more.

Here‘s a link to an online gallery with some of Sandrun’s works.




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NoID0 (SatanicPOP)