MutaSphere00 on s[edition]

A world-sized creature/planet, sentient, partially organic and partially mechanical, he/she/it moves and re-configures itself. Its sounds and some of the movements and shaping give away the partly artificial birth.

The first MutaSphere is also part of the setting constantly developed by DoPe, a futuristic view of space organisms/planets, a blend of worlds and spacecrafts, place to live and living things. These entities suggest the influence of some form of civilization through technological or mechanical aspects, influenced by humanities coexisting with and within them.

Also this work starts from a physical drawing, illuminated and digitally photographed multiple times. The pictures were then elaborated and combined, to produce a set of new images, used to generate the base colors and features of the planet. As last steps further movements and animations were given to the sphere and a soundtrack was recorded, digitally enhanced and added to the work.

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DoPe 3D Animation – Mutasphere00

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Private Event and Performance report – 11/11/2016

Last week I participated as DoPe to a private exhibition/event hosted by a friend in his house. A pair of works from DoPe (me and Paolo Dolci) were printed and exhibited in small wall structures made of metal and wood by paolo. I’ll post some pictures in a future update. We also presented one of […]


Hello! lately I’ve been absent, due to a few overlapping projects as a freelancer… sorry about that. I couldn’t complete any new work, but I want to update you on what’s going on and throw some ideas around 😉

The freelancing projects I’m working on are (partially) related to graphics and the like, I’m speaking of 2D animation, 3D animation and some electronics (related to transmitting and recording video wirelessly).

BUT I’m also working on an art-related project with Paolo.  We’re creating a pair of “video” installations, one similar to a projeciton mapping on a real icosahedron:

(DISCLAIMER: the following pics and video aren’t nice, they’re purely for documentation purposes; also, you’ll find some light technical babble reading on)

MatericLook: DoPe Projection Icosahedron #0

A standard projector will cover half the icosahedron’s  shape. It will be placed in a room corner at a friend’s exhibition in November. I’ll use the faces and shape to create some interesting transitions and animations. Some of our previous animations, (mainly from the Spheres series) will be used as elements, as well as new things.

But the second, less defined part  is what I have more updates about: Paolo got an old film projector (Super Almo is its name). It was hand-operated and the light came from an old lamp…

We decided to restore and modify it, you can see some pictures here, showing the parts and the modifications. I wanted all changes to be reversible, so I mostly removed and substituted parts. The only “hard” change was done to the manual advancement handle…. you’ll see later why:

MatericLook: DoPe Projectior #0

MatericLook: DoPe Projectior #0

MatericLook: DoPe Projectior #0

MatericLook: DoPe Projectior #0

So the changes have been made to the lamp, replaced by a crude high intensity LED array. I added along the light path a “reflection cone” to optimize the light flux and reduce dispersion.

The back reflective dish wasn’t useful anymore because the LED are nicely directional, compared to a traditional lamp.

The projector also became A LOT lighter by removing an electric transformer, plus some switches and plugs. Now everything is powered by a refurbished PC power supply.

To the film advancement mechanism then…

Paolo had the idea of “motorizing” it and to somehow paint and draw on a transparent film to show our content… He sourced a (less)old cordless screwdriver, so I worked on a small, simple circuit piloted by a microcontroller (Arduino), constantly moving back and forth the film… enjoy!:

As you can see, “traditional” film isn’t making any sense because of the continuous lighting and speed.

Next we’ll experiment two different things, first to create some ad-hoc content (the painting/drawing I was speaking of, these will evolve along the length of the film roll, to take advantage of the optical effect).

Then I want to use the microcontroller to control the LED lights as a shutter. By turning them on and off pretty fast they should show a sequence of  full frames only. This approach will also require (probably) a finer circuit to control the motor (thus film speed).


I will keep you updated on this and other projects, let me know what do you think on the comments! Thank you!

PS one more thing: if you received and answered the survey you should get the small free print, if you haven’t already! Let me know when you get it and what do you think!




Update – ongoing project(s) #1 – projections and projectors


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MatericLook su Patreon in Italiano

Questa è la mia pagina su Patreon con il video di presentazione (il testo del video è più o meno qui sotto):   Ciao, mi chiamo Francesco e la mia passione è sempre stata la computer grafica. Ho lavorato in svariati progetti, dalla produzione video, design e stampa 3d, fino ad informatica ed elettronica, […]


MatericLook Patreon Video

My Patreon Page: VIDEO CREDITS: All content not listed below: ©Francesco Perratone   2 – Animated short: Ogni Mattina ©Galveston Lab: Alberto Peraldo,  Francesco Perratone, Andrea Vialardi full video:   6 – Music video: Kung Fool ©Galveston Lab: Alberto Peraldo,  Francesco Perratone, Andrea Vialardi full video: Rock A Boom band:   […]


MatericLook: ViDue_MXD321PRN by DoPe

Another old work from DoPe (me, Francesco Perratone and Paolo Dolci, a great painter).

Also this comes from a short animation we’ve done. once an “interesting” frame has been identified the work has been detailed a bit more, recalculated at much larger resolution and bit of post production has been added.

3D Graphics, Digital Art

3D and Digital Art: ViDue_MXD321PRN