MutaSphere00 on s[edition]

A world-sized creature/planet, sentient, partially organic and partially mechanical, he/she/it moves and re-configures itself. Its sounds and some of the movements and shaping give away the partly artificial birth.

The first MutaSphere is also part of the setting constantly developed by DoPe, a futuristic view of space organisms/planets, a blend of worlds and spacecrafts, place to live and living things. These entities suggest the influence of some form of civilization through technological or mechanical aspects, influenced by humanities coexisting with and within them.

Also this work starts from a physical drawing, illuminated and digitally photographed multiple times. The pictures were then elaborated and combined, to produce a set of new images, used to generate the base colors and features of the planet. As last steps further movements and animations were given to the sphere and a soundtrack was recorded, digitally enhanced and added to the work.

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3D Graphics, Digital Art

DoPe 3D Animation – Mutasphere00


MatericLook: DiPi_MXD_OrgDrip00 by DoPe

Another work by DoPe, at the very beginning there was an oil painting by Paolo Dolci. Digitalized and used to create the creature above with various digital tools.

The fun part has been the fine tuning of the, almost unexpected, skin-like surface of this organic planet….

3D Graphics, Digital Art



DiPi_MXD4941PRN by DoPe, MatericLook

A work by DoPe, collaboration between Francesco Perratone and Paolo Dolci.

“Shapes and colors come from abstract oil paintings, they’re mixed and elaborated, transformed in a tridimensional surface, the process is aimed at exalting the materic qualities, while going towards an evolution into something new…”