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Humans published on Sedition Art – limited edition of 50


The work “Humans” has been published on Sedition Art, now you can see the final animation, edition is limited to 50: 

The work is composed by a representation of the de-evolving System “offered” to the viewers and an organic mutant geometry: the citizens/people, collaborating, fighting and organizing themselves in an hypnotic ballet.The discrete time unit is based on decades and centuries, forming a time-lapse harvesting its data from a range lasting thousands of years.
Music by Leonardo Ceralli (Facebook page)


MatericLook: "Humans" Artwork preview #0 by Francesco Perratone

A pair of still frames from an animation I’m working on, the artwork title will be “Humans”…. it’ll be about evolution and the world (system?) during the last two centuries.

Here’s a link to the final post & work.

3D Graphics, Digital Art

Work in Progess – Humans