MatericLook: P3 by Francesco Perratone, Patreon looping micro animation, art, 3d

I hope you’re enjoying one of the small animations I used to decorate my Patreon page.

This version is huge, both in resolution and number of frames, for an animated GIF, so please let me know in the comments if it’s not working with your configuration! (So I know for the next ones).

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Patreon micro looping animation “P3”


MutaSphere00 on s[edition]

A world-sized creature/planet, sentient, partially organic and partially mechanical, he/she/it moves and re-configures itself. Its sounds and some of the movements and shaping give away the partly artificial birth.

The first MutaSphere is also part of the setting constantly developed by DoPe, a futuristic view of space organisms/planets, a blend of worlds and spacecrafts, place to live and living things. These entities suggest the influence of some form of civilization through technological or mechanical aspects, influenced by humanities coexisting with and within them.

Also this work starts from a physical drawing, illuminated and digitally photographed multiple times. The pictures were then elaborated and combined, to produce a set of new images, used to generate the base colors and features of the planet. As last steps further movements and animations were given to the sphere and a soundtrack was recorded, digitally enhanced and added to the work.

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DoPe 3D Animation – Mutasphere00


3D extrapolated from an oil painting

(Limited edition of 30)


This is an experiment, a video created using an oil painting as a starting idea.

The direction followed points towards the creation a creature, a huge creature similar to a living planet, the movement is a key concept to give life to the whole thing and, most important, to evolve and keep part of the materic look of the oil painting we used.

This is W5, the oil painting:

W5, Oil Painting by Paolo Dolci

W5, Oil Painting by Paolo Dolci

Some of the choices made to get to this look are experiments that can open or close new ways to explore, especially in the creation and fluidity of the movement and transformation, probably more “Things” will come!

The animation exists in another version, with red/orange high ground, more similar to the original painting and with a strong color and temperature contrast:

Some of the frames are interesting enough to justify a further elaboration of the data, model and techniques to produce high resolution images for high quality printing in big size (>300 DPI).


If you like this or some other works I’ve done, please consider supporting me on Patreon and get tutorials, help or custom works in return!

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3D and Digital Art: ViDue_MXD321PRN

3D Graphics, Digital Art

Humans published on Sedition Art – limited edition of 50


The work “Humans” has been published on Sedition Art, now you can see the final animation, edition is limited to 50: 

The work is composed by a representation of the de-evolving System “offered” to the viewers and an organic mutant geometry: the citizens/people, collaborating, fighting and organizing themselves in an hypnotic ballet.The discrete time unit is based on decades and centuries, forming a time-lapse harvesting its data from a range lasting thousands of years.
Music by Leonardo Ceralli (Facebook page)


Matericlook: "Sandrun" work in progress by Francesco Perratone

Some stills of another work in progress. The original artwork is “Autoritratto satanico” (satanic self-portrait), a xylography by Sandrun (nom de plume of Franceschino Barbera, 1927-1970).

I’m going towards the production of a work (or series, maybe?) that will capture and exalt the great eyes and gaze, while adding some dynamic elements and a gritty, materic look.

3D Graphics, Digital Art

Work in Progress – Sandrun


MatericLook: "Humans" Artwork preview #0 by Francesco Perratone

A pair of still frames from an animation I’m working on, the artwork title will be “Humans”…. it’ll be about evolution and the world (system?) during the last two centuries.

Here’s a link to the final post & work.

3D Graphics, Digital Art

Work in Progess – Humans